Softball Rules

1. Every player will have an opportunity to play (a minimum) once on defense and once at bat.

2. Each home team will provide two umpires for both games.

3. Line ups for games should be ready prior to game time.

4. Field dimensions: The pitching rubber should be 45 feet from home plate. Bases should be 60 feet apart. If schools have open outfields they should place markers or cones at a 160-foot minimum from home plate.

5. When a ball is hit over the markers on the fly, it is a home run. If the ball bounces or rolls beyond the markers, it is a two base hit.

6. Each team will begin the game with five boys and five girls. Girls can replace boy’s positions on teams only if a team does not have enough boys. Boys cannot replace girl’s positions on a team. If a team does not have enough girls they will take an automatic out in that position.

7. Borrowing only one or two players from your other team is allowed to make enough for a full team. Teams can play with only nine players, but will take an automatic out at one position.

8. The infield will consist of three boys and three girls. The outfield will consist of two boys and two girls. (Unless a team lacks players as stated in rule #6 and #7)

9. The pitcher and catcher will be of opposite gender.

10. Each batter will begin batting with a one strike and one ball count during regular season games and every foul ball will be a strike. Therefore, a foul ball on strike three will be an out. This is due to playing all players and time issue. This rule will not be used in the finals.

11. Pitches need to have an arch on them. Flat pitches will be counted as a ball.

12. A foul tip to the catcher will be called an out when caught, only if the ball is above the batter’s head.

13. A base runner can advance only when the batter makes contact with the ball. If a runner leaves the base before contact, they will be called out.

14. Batters and runners will wear helmets at all times.

15. The next batter in line to bat should be ready and standing in the on deck circle with a helmet on.

16. Games will be six innings long.

17. If a team scores five runs in a single inning, the inning will end when the fifth run crosses the plate. Teams will then switch and the game will continue.

18. The ten run rule will apply after the fourth inning.

19. Runners will be allowed to advance one base on an over throw if the ball goes out of bounds.

20. If an infielder is not fielding the ball, they cannot block the base or interfere with the advancing runner. If they do interfere, the runner will be given the next base.

21. Timeouts will be limited to two minutes.

22. Only team coaches will be allowed to address the umpires with questions on calls made.

23. No parents or spectators will be allowed on the team bench.

24. Once your roster is final, there will be no adding or changing it.

25. These rules will also apply in the finals.

26. Coaches, please have a copy of these rules on hand at all games and finals if they need to be referred to.

27. Coaches and assistant coaches please conduct yourself in a professional manner in front of your players, visiting teams, and the public.