Family Engagement

Making connections between home and school.

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Family Teacher Organization

Moencopi Day School is looking for four (4) parent and/or guardian volunteers to serve on the 2022-23 FTO committee. We are looking for fun individuals who would like to make positive changes and create a culture of achievement here at MDS. Open committee seats:  President sets the agenda and runs the meetings. Serves as the leader of the committee. Works closely with the Parent Liaison.  Vice– President steps in for the President when he/ she is unavailable.  Treasurer looks after committee funds. Keeps detailed financial records. Provides a monthly report of expenditures and profits. Works closely with the Parent Liaison.  Secretary takes notes at meetings. Responsible for committee announcements and communications. Provides meeting minutes at monthly meetings. Works closely with the Parent Liaison. *All seats serve a one-year term. ** If there is more than one interest for a position, an election will be held at the first meeting of the school year.

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