Regular Bus Schedule


  • Pick-up & Drop-off location points will be scheduled as closest to student’s residence. During bad weather months when off road/dirt roads get muddy- buses WILL NOT transport students on dirt roads. (Parents/Guardians will need to drop-off/pick-up students on paved roads.)


  • It is Mandatory for Kindergarten/First Grade students to have a visible adult present at their P.M. drop off. No visible adult present will result in your child being brought back to the school.


  • Alternate pick-up and drop-off arrangements are to be communicated in advance.

Only a Legal Parent/Guardian written/emailed/fax note will be accepted.

o          All notifications need to be submitted to the front office by 11:00 AM- NO LATER.

o          Emergencies and urgent changes after the listed times without a written note must be approved by the CSA.


o          If you are picking up your child after school and did not provide a note, you must be here before bus departure time, or your child will be put on the bus. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Afterschool pickup must sign with designated Homeroom teacher or designee. Identification must be present if homeroom teacher/ designee is unfamiliar with an individual on the checkout list. 
Morning Pick-Up
Ms. Secody
Route 1
6:00Vans Trading Post
6:09Corner of Hadley Dr
6:17Maloney St
6:18Maloney St
6:21Preston Way
6:24Tewanima Rd
6:32Blue Ridge Loop
6:34Skiline Dr
6:40Howell Mesa /Coalmine
6:42Coalmine St
6:42Bullhead Circle
6:47Yucca Dr
6:48Cactus Loop
6:53Warrior Dr
Route 2
7:03S. Hopi Dr
7:04Pond Lane
7:05Pond Lane
7:06Pond Lane
7:08Hopi Dr
7:10Reservoir Lane
7:11Reservoir Lane
7:17N. Snake Rd
7:18S. Snake Rd
7:19Senior Lane
7:20N. Hopi Dr
7:21N. Hopi Dr
7:22Beard Resident's
Mr Skacy
Route 1
6:25Coalmine Chapter
Route 2
7:09Coyote Dr
7:11Badger Lane
7:12Badger Lane
7:13Coyote/Main St
7:15SE Plaza Way
7:19Lower Village (Woman Plaza)
7:22Moencopi Main St
7:24Kachina Trail
7:27Bacavi St
7:28Bacavi St
7:29Bacavi St
7:30Bacavi St


Afternoon Drop-off
Ms. Secody
Kindergarten Only 
2:14Maloney St
2:23Cactus Loop
2:30Howell Mesa /Coalmine St Fairgrounds
Ms. Secody
Route 1
3:15S. Hopi Dr
3:16Pond Ln
3:17Pond Ln
3:18Pond Ln
3:19Hopi Dr
3:21Reservoir Lane
3:22Reservoir Lane
3:24N. Snake Rd
3:25S. Snake Rd
3:26Senior Lane
3:27N Hopi Dr
3:28Beard Resident
3:29N Hopi Dr
Route 2 
3:43Bullhead Circle
3:45Yucca Dr
3:46Cactus Loop
3:50Warrior Dr
3:57Van's Trading Post
4:04Hadley Dr
4:07Maloney St.
4:09Preston Way
4:15Tewawina Rd
4:19Brodie's Trailer Park
4:21Howell Mesa /Coalmine St
4:22Coalmine St.
4:24Blueridge Loop
4:27Skyline Dr.


Mr. Skacy
Route 1
3:11Bacavi St
3:12Bacavi St
3:14Bacavi St
3:19Coyote Dr
3:20By Hopi Community Center
3:22Badger Lane
3:23Badger Lane
3:24Coyote/Main St
3:26SE Plaza Way
3:28Lower Village (Woman Plaza)
3:29Moenkopi Main St
3:30Kachina Trail
4:00Coalmine Chapter