Welcome to the Moencopi Day School Library!!

As a former MDS student, I am happy to be a part of our growing educational community. 

I am excited to share my LOVE OF READING with our Panther community and hope that all students will enjoy everything the Library has to offer. 

Growing up here in the village, I always enjoyed the opportunity to go to the school library to learn, to discover, and to travel to all the places a book took me. Coming back to Moencopi Day School as an educator has been a wonderful opportunity to allow me to do for our students what the library did for me. 

My past experiences include working with students at Tuba City Boarding School, Tuba City High School, and college students at the Institue of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I enjoy READING, running, sewing, and adventures with my family. 

If there are ever any questions about the MDS Library or any events we host, please feel free to contact me. 

Have a PAWsome Panther Day!!
Mrs. D. Lomawaima, Librarian
Librarian portrait

D. Lomawaima
Phone: 9282835361
Degrees and Certifications: BS in AIS/CRM from NAU,
MA Ed. from UofP

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3. Enter our class code: XJV5754

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5. Start reading!!!

Remember that Mrs. Lomawaima can see your progress. Do not forget to check your mailbox for any new suggested readings from the Librarian.