Cross Country Rules

Jr. Varsity – 1.5-1.6 miles

Varsity – 2.0-2.1 miles

Both Courses can be 3K

*Course maps with the course distance shall be provided to coaches or have the information posted.

-First 5 runners will count toward team score. Runners 6 and 7 will be used for tie-breakers.
-Only the first 7 runners will be used for team score in league final meet.
-All runners will be used in scoring at regular meets.
-Schools that do not have 5 runners will be pulled from team scoring in final meets.
-All runners will be allowed to receive individual awards.


1. Course must be well marked.
2. Course must be safe for all runners.
3. There should be a sufficient number of spotters to properly aide runners.
4. Finish chute should have a sufficient number of people to properly run the meet. (Min. 4)
5. Races should not start until the prior race is finished.
6. Race order will be as follows; JV girls, JV boys, Varsity girls, Varsity boys.
7. Runners who leave the course or do not follow it during the race will be disqualified.
8. Runners physically aided by other runners or individuals not in the race will be disqualified.
9. Runners that are paced by individuals not in the race will be disqualified.
10. Runners seen by spotters physically hindering other runners will be disqualified.
11. A runner must run in at least 3 meets during the season to be able to run in the HEAL final meet.
12. It will be up to each individual school if they want to allow first and second graders to run.
13. Fifth and sixth graders will run Varsity. (exception) If a coach feels a fifth or sixth grader will not place in the top 20 of the JV race they can run JV.
14. JV runners may be moved up to Varsity, however, after running in 2 meets in that division, that runner must complete the rest of the season at the Varsity level. This also includes running Varsity at Finals.
15. Rosters should be to host schools at least one day before a meet. It should include name and grade of each runner. Cannot be 13 years old before Aug. 1st.

Game Committee will consist of meet director and four coaches.